As experienced professionals, we support you in the acquisition or implementation of a single hydropower plant or in setting up international, risk-diversified hydropower portfolios.

We specialize primarily in hydropower plants up to 50 megawatts and have both transaction know-how for the acquisition of power plants that are already in operation, and full project development and operational management skills.

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists works closely with all interest groups involved in hydropower projects. Besides investors, financing banks, authorities and network operators, it´s mainly stakeholders of the environmental sector and the population involved in hydropower investments.

With the country selection and the limitation to specific regions particularly suitable for hydropower, the project selection is based on the extensive experience and the existing networks within the hydropower community.

From the screening process of the project selection, those projects are selected that withstand the eHydro500 internal evaluation process with regard to the respective investment criteria and the risk-return strategy. Those responsible for the investment and risk management and impact teams work closely together to ensure that all the necessary impact, financial and technical screenings are used and reliably evaluated with the data available at that time.

For years we have been working with international experts in the fields of hydrology, geology, electromechanics, water management, taxation and finance as well as contract drafting. We select the experts required for the project, coordinate the various reports and statements, evaluate the data and prepare it in such a way that all stakeholders involved can get a clear picture and make a reliable decision.

Asset Management

eHydro500 GmbH follows a structured process - from country and project selection to implementation and operation, which on the one hand reduces risks and on the other aims at the highest possible profitability and efficiency of all process steps.

In the course of the acquisition, the standardized eHydro500 processes and systems will be introduced in the acquired holdings and implemented in the investment controlling and operational monitoring. Direct remote access to production and operating data, as well as impact and risk management, are among the cornerstones of efficient asset management.

The comprehensive activities that are performed in the course of operational management are:

  • Reporting and controlling
  • Contacts to government bodies and financial institutions
  • Advisory and supervisory functions
  • Accompanying measures to ensure the smooth operation of a power plant
  • Programs in the course of a continuous improvement process
  • Electricity sales
  • Financing & structuring
  • Risk management
  • Ongoing evaluation
  • Impact & ESG
  • Investor Relations
  • Portfolio hygiene, ongoing screening to optimize the portfolio

Power plant and portfolio optimization

Hydropower plants have a very long service life, but the technology used is constantly being enhanced with a focus on increasing efficiency. In the course of a general overhaul, the focus is therefore on optimizing the electromechanical concept for running power plants. Depending on the concession conditions, the annual production of a power plant can often be increased significantly with relatively little financial outlay.
The key to success of such an optimization often lies in the concept. We create or optimize concepts and take care of their implementation. The focus is not only on technical improvements, but also on increasing the efficiency of ongoing operations, for example by defining ideal maintenance intervals in order to avoid unplanned downtimes.

Investment advisor

As experienced professionals in hydropower, we support in the search and selection as well as in the implementation and operation of a hydropower investment. We specialize particularly in hydropower plants up to 50 megawatts and have both transaction know-how for the acquisition of operating power plants and full project development and operational management skills.

Our team of specialists works closely with all stakeholders involved in hydropower projects. Besides investors, financing banks, authorities and network operators, it’s mainly stakeholders of the environment sector and the population involved in hydropower investments.


eHydro500 - exclusive investment advisor for Climate Endowment Hydropower Fund

As investment advisor to NIXDORF KAPITAL IMPACT FUND S.C.S., SICAV-RAIF - CLIMATE ENDOWMENT HYDROPOWER FONDS, eHydro500 together with Climate Endowment GmbH & Co., is responsible for the development, implementation and ongoing monitoring of the hydropower portfolio.

kombination von faehigkeiten

The combination of experienced hydropower experts with a team from Climate Endowment who specialize in sustainability creates a unique setup for impact investment.

The investment advisory team pursues a dual goal: positive impact & climate sustainability as well as stable returns.

A solid mix of “Brownfields” - plants that are already in operation with upgrade and refurbishment potential - and “Greenfields” - power plants yet to be built - results in a cash flow in year 1.

The investment sweet spot for the CE hydropower fund comprises the following criteria:

  • Plant size: 10 - 50MW
  • Mix of “Brownfields” and “Greenfields” at 60:40
  • Modeling of the risk-return profile within the target parameters of the fund, in particular appropriate consideration of country risk premiums
  • Geographical diversification to spread the hydrological risk
  • Good availability of hydrological data (typically at least 20 years of current historical data)
  • Passing the "Do-no-significant-harm" test, i.e. no major external negative effects on other social development goals of the United Nations ("SDGs")
  • Transactions with little competition from other buyers
  • Anlagengröße: 10 - 50MW
  • Mix aus „Brownfield“ und „Greenfield“ von 60:40
  • Modellierung des Risiko-Rendite-Profils innerhalb der Zielparameter des Fonds, insbesondere angemessene Berücksichtigung von Länderrisikoprämien
  • Geografische Diversifikation zur Streuung des hydrologischen Risikos
  • Gute Datenverfügbarkeit der hydrologischen Daten (typischerweise min. 20 Jahre aktuelle historische Daten)
  • Bestehen des "Do-no-significant-harm"-Tests, d.h. keine großen externen negativen Auswirkungen auf andere soziale Entwicklungsziele der Vereinten Nationen ("SDGs")
  • Transaktionen mit wenig Konkurrenz durch andere Käufer

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